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Gift-shopping online just got personal

Let your customers send personalised voice messages with their gifts

Because personalised gifts deserve heartfelt messages


Consumers want an increasingly sophisticated shopping experience in 2024 so online shops need to stay competitive. Offering Voicey Pix is a great way to enhance their online offering and make them stand out from the crowd. Until that is, the crowd are also doing it, which they will be very soon.

Paddy McGlinchey, Co-founder, Revcurv

Online gift-shopping has come a long way in the last 10 years and personalised digital gift cards are the next level. With digital gift cards, such as Voiceypix, online retailers will generate improved customer loyalty and reduce overall new customer acquisition costs.

Steve Pye, Digital Transformation Expert

Since we installed Voicey Pix on our online shop our sales have increased by 10%. Our customers love the fun recording process and it’s really easy for our packing staff to print and send the QR code with the gift. It’s such a necessary part of online gift shopping now, we don’t know what we ever did without it.

Online shop

I live in Australia but I’m from Sri Lanka and I often send gifts home to friends and family. I always choose an online shop that has Voicey Pix so I can include a personalised message with my gift. Since I’m so far away, it’s really important for me to make the gift a little more personal. Sometimes it’s even the most fun part!

Online shopper

How will Voicey Pix add value to my online shop?



Adding a Voicey Pix is the icing on the cake of your customer's thoughtful gift. It's the personal touch that text can't achieve. 





Let your customer express their emotion while sending their gift to give them a better shopping experience. 




By offering this personalised service you differentiate yourself from your competitors which lead to more conversions. 





Puts you ahead of the curve in online shopping by aligning you with a fun and quirky new app that uses the latest cutting-edge technology. 


The Research

Personalised gifts are on the rise and customers want to send personalised messages with their gifts

Remarkable growth in the demand for personalised gifts


  • 73% of corporate gifting recipients prefer personalised gifts.

  • The average UK shopper is prepared to spend an extra 7% on gifts that have an element of personalisation such as adding a name, personal message or image.

  • The UK Personalised Gifts Market is projected to reach USD 2.44 billion by 2027. 

But competition is high

Are you ready to compete?

  • Ireland: 23,850 searches a month for personalised gifts and related keywords. 

  • Global: 738,530 searches a month for personalised gifts and related keywords
Ireland Data
Global Data

Add Voicey Pix to your Online Shop

Your customers will thank you for it.

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